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Nickolas C. Ekonomides practices law in Clearwater and Tampa, Florida. In 1994 he was admitted to The Florida Bar and the U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida. He was admitted to the United States Supreme Court in 2004. He is a Commercial Litigation attorney handling the Business and Commercial Real Estate needs of his clients. His practice includes insurance coverage disputes and commercial transactions.

Social Media and Company Liability

Businesses are using social media more and more. Even small businesses have put time and effort into their social media profiles such as Facebook Pages, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+. The legal implications of social media mandate you have strict marketing goals governed by clear company policies. Social Media Legal Liability Businesses are wise [...]

How to Protect and Copyright Your Web Content

Imitation, they say, is the greatest form of flattery. But ask a business owner if he would be happy to find out a competing company or ex-employee has copied the content of his website for their own. It is surely unfair after all your hard work to have someone simply take your business material. It [...]

Annual Minutes: The Importance of Corporate Formalities

While the failure to file the required Annual Report with the Division of Corporations will lead to administrative dissolution of the corporation, failure to keep at least Annual Minutes is a little less cut and dried. Annual Minutes are not required to be filed with the Division of Corporations. There is no penalty for failure [...]

Florida Power of Attorney Law

Have you ever had the need for a Florida Power of Attorney? If you have lately then know that effective October 1, 2011, new requirements provided by the Florida Power of Attorney Act must be satisfied. Changes to existing law are not retroactive so if you have a Power of Attorney from before October 1, [...]

Florida Limited Liability Companies: How Limited is Your Liability?

A limited liability company (“LLC”) is a form of business entity available under the Florida Limited Liability Company Act. An LLC is controlled either by a Manager or by a Managing Member pursuant to the LLC “operating agreement.” Members hold their investment in an LLC in the form of membership interests. Similar to S-Corporations and [...]

Seven Reasons to Run Your Florida Business Out Of a Corporation

Florida is one of the leading states when it comes to new business formation according to State of Florida, Division of Corporations. There are a lot of variables and advantages to consider in incorporating your business. But Florida Corporations enjoy a lot of advantages compared to other forms of doing business.

Confidentiality Non-Circumvention Agreement: Business Lawyer Clearwater FL

There are times when a business or corporation must keep trade secrets and other confidential information secure even while not necessarily ever doing business with whom they are considering. Many of my clients face this chicken and egg question which I assist with in my capacity as their Business Lawyer Clearwater FL. Without a Confidentiality [...]

Leases – Commercial Lease Insurance Provision

This Commercial Lease provision addresses insurance required by the landlord or his Real Estate Lawyer when Renting Commercial Properties. The amounts of insurance may vary depending on whether you rent retail, office, industrial, or warehouse space. Insurance provisions in Commercial Lease Agreements typically include that: the insurance policy and company is subject to the landlord's [...]

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