Why You Should Work With a Commercial Real Estate Attorney in Clearwater

Commercial real estate transactions require the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney to protect your financial interest. If you are considering buying commercial property in the Clearwater area, you have likely found a real estate agent to work with. However, there is another important professional needed to ensure real estate transactions are completed in [...]

How a Non-Circumvention Agreement Can Protect Your Business

Does your business need a non-circumvention agreement? If you deal with outsiders, contractors, or other businesses on a regular basis for new business opportunities, you certainly do. Also, if you are planning to expand your business and deal with different parties, you should have a non-circumvention agreement in place to protect your business relationships. What [...]

Corporate Action by Written Consent by Tampa Corporate Lawyer

As a Tampa Corporate Lawyer I use this form for my clients. There are many advantages in doing so. Under the Florida Business Corporation Act (the "Act"), directors and shareholders or both can take any action required or permitted by the Act without a meeting. To do this, just circulate written consents to be executed [...]

LLC Action by Consent by Limited Liability Company Lawyer

I use this form for my clients in my capacity as a Limited Liability Company Lawyer. The Florida Limited Liability Company Act (the "Act") provides an easy way to memorialize company action and resolutions taken. You don't always need nor have time for a formal meeting with minutes to be taken by the company secretary. [...]

Foreclosure FAQ: Lender Lost the Note. How Does that Help Me?

It’s all the rage. You’re in foreclosure. You find out the lender has lost the note. Or if it was lost initially, the lender suddenly finds the note or proves its terms. But either way, the lender still can’t prove when it took ownership or assignment of the note. You argue the lender can’t show [...]

Tampa Business Lawyer Reviews When You Can Delete Business Records.

This year, the Florida Supreme Court adopted rules addressing discovery of electronically stored information (“ESI”) in lawsuits. Electronic Discovery (“E-Discovery”) is how a Tampa Business Lawyer obtains ESI in business litigation. Electronically Stored Information As a Tampa Business Lawyer, in litigation I want to tell a story. Even better, I want to show it. I [...]

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