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2020 Stimulus – Paycheck Protection Program Analyzed

The stimulus package includes the Paycheck Protection Program which most businesses understand is to keep employees paid during the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Think about it, how else do you make money if the economy is shut down? Everyone should be aware of the SBA (Small Business Administration) application and the April [...]

Force Majeure, Acts of God, And What That Means to Your Business

Force Majeure clauses are often found in business contracts to guard against sudden unforeseen events outside your control. If a service is to be provided but there is sudden labor shortage or products are to be manufactured but there is a sudden interruption in the supply line because of a hurricane, a party will seek [...]

Facts About Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are common in today's business world. They are required in many cases for normal employment. Any business that creates their own software, algorithms, specially designed packaging, encasements, internal structures, data collection methods, recipes, or any other trade secret should be protected by a non-compete agreement in some form. Depending on the type of [...]

What You Should Know About Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are a contentious topic amongst investors, business professionals, inventors, and others. Most professionals are hesitant to talk about their ideas or creations unless they are provided with full confidentiality. Why Non-Disclosure Agreements are Necessary NDAs are written in an attempt to protect sensitive information. If you or your business must reveal confidential [...]

5 Facts to Know During Commercial Lease Negotiation in Clearwater

Every Clearwater property owner/lessor and tenant/lessee should know these five facts before agreeing to a commercial lease in Clearwater. Property owners in Clearwater should understand the basics of commercial leases. Even if you are already involved in a commercial lease, you can still benefit from learning more about these business contracts. If the lease terms [...]

Why You Should Consult a Clearwater Business Attorney For Business Purchases and Sales

Purchasing or selling a business in Clearwater, FL has the potential for many issues. Whether you are a small business or a multi-million dollar corporation, you’ll have to consider things such as due diligence and business evaluation, employment disputes, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, acquisitions, mergers, contract negotiations, and tax returns. A Clearwater business attorney can [...]

How a Civil Litigation Lawyer Can Help Clearwater Business Owners

You need an experienced practitioner of the law to aid you in litigation. Owning a business leads to challenges beyond pleasing clients and generating a profit. There is a legal aspect to business ownership as well. Ask anyone who owns a business about the legal challenges of owning a company and you will find all [...]

Why You Should Work With a Commercial Real Estate Attorney in Clearwater

Commercial real estate transactions require the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney to protect your financial interest. If you are considering buying commercial property in the Clearwater area, you have likely found a real estate agent to work with. However, there is another important professional needed to ensure real estate transactions are completed in [...]

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