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Owning a business leads to challenges beyond pleasing clients and generating a profit. There is a legal aspect to business ownership as well. Ask anyone who owns a business about the legal challenges of owning a company and you will find all sorts of legal hurdles pop up. The assistance of a Clearwater litigation lawyer is essential to emerging from civil legal disputes and conflicts with favorable terms. You need an experienced practitioner of the law to represent your business interests in court, during settlement negotiations and every other step of the way toward a fair and just conclusion.

Disputes With Customers

In certain situations, customers are unhappy with services rendered or a product provided. Clients involved in such a dispute or transaction tend to be of considerable size. Though individuals can bring forth civil litigation lawsuits, it is much less common. A Clearwater litigation attorney will help you determine if the suit has merit, determine if a settlement is worth considering and develop a legal strategy to combat the customers’ claims.


Drafting contracts are necessary for Clearwater businesses of every type. The complex language in these documents must be written in a manner that suits your interests or at the bare minimum, prevents the other party from obtaining an unfair advantage. As an example, constructing a new location for a business or adding to a current building will inevitably cause disputes. If there is a delay or faulty construction, it will detract from your business. It might be possible to regain this lost money through civil litigation.

Employment Disputes

Disputes between multiple employees often involve violations of an employment contract. If the business or staff member fails to hold up the promises made in the contract, civil litigation is possible. Similar types of disputes can occur between businesses and subcontractors. A civil litigation attorney can help resolve these disputes in a timely manner and protect your financial interests to the fullest.

Rental Disputes

Clearwater businesses often rent commercial property from other companies or individuals. Location is essential for some businesses so a rental dispute that forces a move has the potential to prove devastating. A Clearwater litigation lawyer will help with rental disputes of all types, whether they pertain to payment, maintenance, building modifications, or another issue.

Supplier Disputes

Inventory is critically important to plenty of businesses. Getting what one pays for and receiving it on time is essential to the bottom line. If this does not happen, it is possible for a dispute to arise that leads to civil litigation. As an example, if one receives the wrong item or receives it late, it is possible to regain the lost profits with civil litigation.

Party Disputes

If the co-owners of a company fail to agree or can no longer operate a business due to conflict, you need an experienced commercial litigation attorney to help. Call me to discuss whether to dissolve the business or resolve the dispute through the legal process.

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