Reflecting on My Years as a Florida Lawyer

Nickolas C. Ekonomides, Florida Lawyer

Reflecting on My Years as a Florida Lawyer

In over twenty-five years of practice as a Florida Lawyer, I have experienced my clients’ perseverance and hard work, frustrations and challenges, and successes and victories. The law does not always give the expected answer, but answer it does.

Thank you for the opportunity to have represented you. Through it all, I have been blessed knowing I helped you extend or safeguard what is most important to you. Your business. Your property. Your family.

Your business.

Some of my greatest challenges have been the predicaments my clients have found themselves in over the years – involuntarily and quite often voluntarily. It isn’t always pretty, but in my experience, focusing on the factors you can control, taking the initiative, and choosing your battles have always rendered the best results.

Your Property.

Since 2004, I have seen the real estate and lending markets rise and fall, sometimes with devastating effects. Real estate closings have turned into commercial lease negotiations into eviction proceedings. The ebb and flow continues, and probably always will.

Your family. Your business. Your property. They're what’s important.

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