Complex legal issues can occur at any time for commercial business owners that are trying to negotiate a lease for an office or retail store. Failure to understand these legal implications can result in a variety of issues that can lead to a substantial amount of extra fees and added stress. However, consulting with an attorney can help make the process much smoother for any business owners that need to do commercial lease negotiation in Clearwater or the surrounding areas. Here are three reasons why you need an attorney’s guidance during the commercial lease negotiation process.

1.) Commercial Leases Favor Landlords

A commercial lease is always drafted by the landlord or a landlord’s attorney, which means it is more likely to favor the landlord. However, an experienced attorney can look over the lease and identify any potential problems before you make any commitments. If anything suspicious or unfair is noticed, an attorney can suggest which terms need to be modified before you sign on the dotted line. Ultimately, this is well worth taking the extra time to let an experienced attorney look over the terms of any commercial lease and can save you significant amounts of money.

2.) Accuracy is Essential

Another common issue in commercial leases is that they are not always accurate with the latest information. Many times a landlord will use a pre-existing contract and fail to update it with new details. These outdated terms can pose unnecessary restraints on a tenant and cause added confusion. However, an experienced attorney can find these errors and have them removed or modified before you sign the final agreement. Accuracy is of the utmost importance when it comes to any contract, and an attorney can make sure your commercial lease negotiation is precise.

3.) Unnecessary Common Area Maintenance Fees

A common area maintenance (CAM) fee is an additional cost that all tenants of a commercial building must share together. These fees can range from the costs of striping the parking lot, landscaping fees, or additional security measures. However, it is essential to read the fine print in the commercial lease agreement, as landlords can include unnecessary common area maintenance fees. An experienced attorney can analyze the terminology of the lease agreement and identify any CAM charges that need to be removed to help you avoid paying more than you should.
A commercial lease negotiation in Clearwater or other surrounding cities is never an easy process without an experienced attorney by your side. Legal issues can arise at any time, and it is essential to partner with an attorney that has the skills and necessary experience to review commercial leases.
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