Business Attorney Clearwater FL

Get experienced advice from Nickolas C. Ekonomides, P.A., Business Attorney in Clearwater FL. Business purchases and sales can be time intensive in due diligence but your are governed by the Purchase Contract. Make sure you have a business lawyer on your side to review the contract for your best interests before you sign. Helping you keep things simple, call today.

Business Purchases and Sales

Business purchases and sales can be “asset sales” or “stock sales.” With asset sales your corporation or limited liability company (“LLC”) will get a bill of sale for everything you buy and will own the customer list and goodwill of the business you are buying. With stock sales, you will own the stock of the company you are buying. As your Business Attorney Clearwater FL, I can tell you that a stock deal can be dangerous because you will now stand in the shoes of that company and necessarily own all assets, liabilities, and commercial litigation existing or that may be coming for transactions well in the past.

Business Attorney Litigation

clearwater business lawyerBusiness litigation is unlike any other litigation. You need an experienced Business Attorney in Clearwater FL to help you navigate the years of records that can be relevant when a suit is filed. Commercial litigation can arise from and between:

  • Business Partnerships,
  • Shareholder Disputes,
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Director Liability,
  • Unfair Competition,
  • Tortious Interference with Business Advantage,
  • Breach of Contract,
  • Non-Compete Agreements,
  • Employee Disputes, and
  • non-circumvention agreements

Business litigation can affect corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and even a sole proprietorship.

It’s important to enter into any business situation with a proper evaluation of the benefits and risks so you can plan accordingly. Contact Business Attorney Nickolas Ekonomides for your business legal services 727-447-1075.