When you’ve suffered damage to your home or business from a storm or burst pipe, you need help fast.

Having your Clearwater insurance claims attorney properly submit your insurance claim quickly and accurately is your key first step.
Your insurance company must make good faith efforts to settle your property damage claim. They may delay or deny coverage for any number of reasons.

  • Claiming you provided inaccurate or false information in your insurance application for homeowners coverage or during renewal.
  • Claiming you failed to satisfy conditions and requirements of your insurance policy.
  • Claiming your policy doesn’t cover the specific loss you suffered.
  • Claiming your property damage was caused by wear and tear or other excluded causes.
  • Claiming you submitted a fraudulent claim.
  • Claiming your policy was canceled before your water damage.

Insurance companies don’t play fair. They’re great at low balling and delaying payment. Speak with your lawyer before having contact with them. Remember the adjuster is their representative, not yours.

If you suspect your insurance company is delaying or denying your homeowner’s property damage claim in bad faith, they may be violating Florida law.

Speak to an experienced insurance claims attorney in Clearwater.

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