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The purchase and sale of real estate requires an offer in writing from a willing buyer and acceptance from a willing seller. Buyers should offer exactly what they intend to be bound by because sellers have the power to bind a buyer to those terms simply by accepting the offer received. Once accepted, the buyer is bound by the contract. Form contracts work well for many real estate sales, but what goes in the blanks makes all the difference in the world. Do you have enough time to get financing? What about the length of the inspection period? What if there is a title issue that delays closing? Can a Seller still require the Buyer to go through with the purchase? We advise you never sign a contract that has not be reviewed by a real estate lawyer. Call today for more information.

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Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation can include complex title issues or disputes over contract interpretation. Sometimes what you do in preparation for expected litigation can give you a huge advantage. You need an experienced Real Estate Lawyer to help you navigate Florida law. 

Real estate litigation often involves higher dollar assets whether the dispute relates to a lease, land use rights, or the ultimate ownership of commercial real estate.

Real Estate Attorney, Nickolas Ekonomides

It’s important to enter into any real estate matter with a proper evaluation of the risks. Call today more for more information.

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